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Blue Canton Dessert - Salad Plates- S/4

Statement Theory
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Dimensions: 8.5 inches

Set of 4, made of porcelain material.


Recognized by the blue lattice border surrounding a variety of landscape scenes, this popular Chinese pattern inspired a number of European versions, most notably English stoneware. The most fashionable tables in the early American Republic were set with blue and white “Canton” or “Nanking” wares, named for the great Chinese trading ports from which they came. Chinese blue and white porcelain was in demand in this country well into the nineteenth century and has become a part of the heritage of many American families. Blue Canton faithfully recaptures this centuries-old tradition and taste.



Dishwasher safe. We recommend hand-washing for oversize and decorative pieces or pieces with gold or platinum decoration. Items with metallic decoration should not be microwaved.


Made in Portugal